Solar filters

Solar Eclipse Camera, Binocular, Telescope Filters

In order to photograph the sun, you need a solar filter. Beware of knock-offs and fakes. They can permanently damage your camera or your eyes.

Thousand Oaks Optical Filters

The above is the protective sleeve that the Thousand Oaks solar filters come in. Click on your solar filter size below to purchase at

4″x4″ Solar Filter sheet


6″x6″ Solar Filter Sheet
8″x8″ Filter
10″x10″ Filter
12″x12″ Filter

Baader Filters

The above is the protective sleeve that the Baader Planetarium AstroSolar Safety Film comes in. Click on the image below to select this filter.


Baader 8.5″x11″ sheet

Which filter do I choose?

Either filter film will work to photograph the partial eclipse. The Thousand Oaks filter adds an orange color to the image. This is how we perceive the sun, even though it’s actually white to humans.

The Baader filter transmits the actual white color of the sun. This filter film will ripple a little bit but doesn’t seem to affect the image at all.

If you need to use the sheets for your telescope or binoculars, we suggest the Thousand Oaks Optical, as the Baader filter says it’s not rated for direct viewing. It’s only designed for cameras.

If you need to cover more than one camera, binocular, etc., buy a larger filter and cut it to fit multiple items. This will help you save money rather than buying a bunch of smaller filters.